Marina Srikandi offers you:

  1. Water Transport from Bali to Lombok
    Our regular service, we provide transfer from Padang Bai to Senggigi / GiliTrawangan / Gili Air or vv and free land shuttle service withAir-conditioned hotel transfer to/ from Denpasar, Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak and Ubud Central area. Supported by our Exclusive loungein My Chef’s Restaurant Jl. Diponegoro No.8CPesanggaran Denpasar, we provide Free foods and drinks for the guests while waiting for the next trip.
    Our Water Transport service will gladly accompany you to these following destinations:

    1. Bali
      Bali known as the most famous island in Indonesia. Bali blends spectacular mountain scenery, beautiful beaches and unique culture with warm and friendly people. Hindu temples are everywhere in Bali and are seen as very important icon of Balinese people. The most important of these are the Nine Directional Temples, a must for everyone who visits Bali.
    2. Lombok
      Lombok is also one of the most popular tourist destinations. Located just 35 km beside Bali, the island is able to draw tourists attraction in both in and out of the water. Known as Thousand Mosque Island, Lombok is the best place to visit, whether you are come as pilgrims, travelers, surfers or mountain trekkers,.The exotic island stretches about 80km from east to west and from north to south. Lombok is the right spot to start your holiday due to its strategic location to Senggigi beach or three Gili Air, GiliMeno and of course Gili Trawangan. The island is also near Sumbawa, a small island that provides one of a kind beach.
      • Senggigi Beach
        Located in Lombok, the beach become the favorite spot for various water activities like surfing, scuba diving, spear fishing, snorkeling, sea kayaking and many others. Not only does the beach area allow you to do various water activities, but also to start do other interesting activities like bicycle rides, forest trekking and many others.
      • Gili Islands
        Our destination is the three Gilis located off the northwest coast of Lombok (about 100 km), about 60 miles or 100 km from Benoa Harbor in Bali and about 20 miles from the Eastern Tip of Bali.The Gilis were first founded by back-packers back in 1980’s. From the moment, the Gilis became a popular well-kept secret among a more adventurous crowd that seeks an escape to paradise. The water surrounded Gilis is crystal clear and it becomes the home of magnificently beautiful marine life. Pure white sands and turquoise clear water allows you to snorkel straight off the beach and enjoy the timeless paradisiacal lifestyle.
      • Gili Air
        Gili Air is the closest island to Lombok. Traditionally, Gili Air was seen as the domain of wanting a quiet and calm escape. The grass roots atmosphere is also the attractive one. It is an excellent choice to do whether in and outside water activities.
      • Gili Meno
        With a population of just 400, GiliMeno is the mellowest of the three islands, and certainly the most in-tune with a splendid island. Most visitors are attracted to GiliMeno for the lure of total escapism. Pack your bag and explore GiliMeno by walking around the island along the beach or paths just under two hours.
      • Gili Trawangan
        GiliTrawangan is the largest of the three islands. It attracts the majority of visitors and backpackers who led way. Among other Gilis, Gili Trawangan experiences the most changes. Unlike the old days when Trawangan was so silent, nowadays, the island is filled with many luxurious hotel and villas, chic boutique bungalows and restaurants. Fortunately, the facilities were built in harmony with the island’s local charm. Fuel-powered vehicles are not allowed in the island to keep the air pure and fresh.


  2. Water Cargo
    We are ready to help you ship your goods in less than 24 hours. The best Water Cargo service you can trust.
  3. Charter Boat
    For you who have willingness to make your trip more private and unforgettable, our boats are geared up to charter based on your schedules and routes. We also will provide new fishing boat soon which can be chartered privately. All boats have license in docking in every Bali-Lombok’s harbor.

  4. Tour Package
    Not only water services, we also offer a special tour land package such as:

    • Tirtayatra Lombok Tour Package. Specially made for Balinese Hindu’s pilgrims. As we know that Lombok and Bali have really close connection in history so there are many Hindu’s Temples in Lombok which very interesting place to visit.
    • Lombok Tour package. We will go together with you to explore Lombok Island with their unique culture, nice beaches and mountains. We can also provide Rinjani trekking and Diving package in Lombok
    • Bali special interest adventure Tour. With our sister company in Bali, we have Bali Paratrike as new flying activity. This flying activity can be enjoyed by all ages and does not require specific physical fitness and ability. Be the witness of scenic journey over the breathtaking landscapes and coastline of Bali. The one and only in Indonesia. Get the special price for Marina Srikandi passenger with show us the Marina Srikandi fast boat ticket at


Fee of Marina Srikandi Services:

  • Water Transport Service Rate : Use the booking form to check our daily fare
  • Chartered boat : Based on request
  • Tour Package : Based on the package


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